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I accidentally saw a child porn image/thumbnail when on DuckDuckGo. What Should I Do? ?

I was just surfing the net about the Pizzagate theory on Duckduckgo. I was searching some photos and videos about it, but what popped up was disturbing as hell. I think what I saw was a thumbnail of a child porn video. No, I wasn't even searching for that crap, it just popped up. I got out of there as soon as possible. This is just freaking me the hell out because I do not know what to do. It was so disgusting and disturbing as hell. I do not want to get in trouble and arrested for this because this was an accident and stumbled apon it by mistake.    


Eyeroll?? Really!!?? I wasn't even searching for it, I was looking for information about since it was about the government trying to cover up a conspiracy(or what seems to be real or fake). I just want to know how I can report the image without going back again. 

Update 2:

@John No, I am not trolling. Thank you for the advice. I deleted my history and my cache and reported the image. I do not plan on going back to Duckduckgo again to do any searches. 

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    Assuming you're not trolling, you may need to clear your history right away, in fact you might need to uninstall your browser. If the FBI ever does search your computer for whatever reason, they can still convict you for child porn even if you did not download it. 

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  • Mike G
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    1 month ago

    Stupid troll is stupid.

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  • Brian
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    1 month ago

    "pizzagate".  Eyerolllllllllll

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