What is the character/feel, the ambiance of using writing in a flat or sharp? I've heard flats of jazz and sharps are mysterious. ?

So your choices are:  smooth jazz or thought-provoking. Passive beauty or Active beauty. Is this true?

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    I am a music theorist - multiple degrees, taught it for decades.  Music is not that simple as a matter of sharps and flats by themselves, creating a whole shift of emotion.  There are situations in which yes - the chromatic alteration of ONE NOTE is just enough to grab your attention - and there are other works in which avalanches of chromaticism just leave you feeling like you were run over by a bus.  Some genres, or subcategories of jazz and even folk music, use chromatic alteration as their bread and butter.  People talk about "jazz scales" - when the idea of formulaic playing is antithetical to jazz itself!  This is as simplistic as the old classical music advice - "If a work is awful - add a harp.  It is it REALLY awful - add two harps."  Or - "When in doubt  - more percussion and low brass!"  And there are second-rate film (and anime is the WORST!) that live and die by those simplistic formulas.  You cannot reduce ART to simple advice - it is like telling Picasso "Too much blue . . ". or telling Seurat "What's with all the little dots??"

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      sound like a start! tell me, it there a website that is conclusive in teaching music theory? I just need the old school academic on music theory. do you have any home study leads? book, website, youtube course, paid website instructional website?  

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