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How should I get my hair done?

I've been wanting to do something with my hair for a long time as it's just too plain and annoying for me. I have really thick frizzy and wavy hair and as much as I like it (which isn't much) I need a change. I definitely want to go shorter and lighter by getting it highlighted but not sure how light to go and what would look good and still fairly natural. I also want to get it thinned out with thinning shears to make it more manageable and less frizzy. I attached a picture of my hair for reference and crossing my fingers I find something I like :) I really just wish I had lighter brown hair and straight hair as I'm not the type of person to want to put any effort into my hair. Also I'm on a budget and can't afford anything too fancy.

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    5 months ago

    Your hair is sooooo gorgeous! So thick and healthy and wavy and wow! Serious hair envy! Don't go too short, your hair will look even thicker. Pixie cuts and short bobs won't work. I would hesitate to use a thinning shears, you might get more frizz, not less.

    What I would suggest is: A slightly longer than shoulder length layered cut with some soft layers and fringing in front. That will lighten the volume and it will remain lighter looking as it grows out without the puffball near the scalp regrowth that happens with a thinning shears. A layered cut will also tame the waves somewhat.  There isn't a way to cut so they go away so you need to learn how to love your waves because there are girls spending a fortune trying to get what you already have. For color try some highlights in caramel, Auburn, light chestnut, something warmer and brighter. If you want a whole head color then go about one level lighter and add a few highlights several shades lighter to that. Stay away from ash browns, light browns. If you want to be brave a dark gold blonde might be nice. Think Jennifer Lopez dark gold blonde rather than Gwen Stefani platinum. 

     If you like to wear ponytails in the summer or for your job tell your stylist at so she can be sure there's enough length in the back and ask her to show a few ways to style the front so it looks cute and fringe-y. 

    And if you get something that you don't like at first give yourself some time to adapt to your new style. If you've never had many new cuts and different styles then a new one can be quite the shock! Ultimately hair grows all your life and even the worst mistakes will grow out. And don't waste another second wishing for something impossible. I have light brown straight hair and hated it for a long time. I actually wished for a long time that I had hair like yours.

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