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Would I be responsible for any stress related health issues my mothers cat might develop?

My mom has a 15 year old cat with hyperthyroidism, and arthritis. She wouldnt have been being treated for either if I hadn't pushed my mom to pay for the treatments. Anyways, the cat was an outside cat for 15 years, but needs to stay inside, do to her hyperthyroidism. The cats gained a liking to me, and usually favors me to my mom. And follows me everywhere, which I don't like, because I know feel more responsible for the cat, even though I hate being responsible for any animal, but I could let it ve neglected by my mother. So, my sister is gonna move in soon. She been visiting more often with her 7 month old puply, and she is very hyperactive. I'm usually not around when she walks in the house, but the cat is usually hiding somewhere when this happens, then I'll being her up stairs with me. I told my mom the cat is old, and it's not good for her to be stressed out by the puppy. My mom just says something along the lines of "that cat can handle herself". I know stress can really take a told on senior cats health, so seeing as I spend more time with the cat, then would I be responsible if something happens, or would my mom, seeing as it's her cat, and she refuses to make sure shes not stressed out?

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    You're reading too much into it.  The cat will handle herself.

    If she develops further health issues or dies, its because shes a 15 yr old cat with health issues..  "Stress" would only be a minimal factor.

    Some amount of stress is actually HEALTHY for you and boosts the immune system

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