What is it like working at a Call Center?

I worked at a call center that was a service provider for legal shield.

Forget post paste. It was a mile a minute working at that place. At first I enjoyed it but once I passed my first week of doing the work on my own, endless emails. I told my old colleague that I had 560 unread emails. He said "girl, that's nothing. The most emails in a day that I got were 1089."

I told him that's just unacceptable. I asked how he manages to keep up with endless emails? He said he doesn't have a system but that he reads them during breaks and before our shift starts.

These emails are always "oh the screen is still high" "some of you only have 6 referrals but yet it's 12pm."

Are all call centers like this?



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The weather, the moon etc can affect our mood. 

A lot of people don't know that. 

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  • 3 months ago
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    I worked at a domain registry, first as tech and then in the billing/retention, and it was freakin' non-stop. Tech support was to diagnose and repair domain or account issues, retention was to deal with payment issues.We were given an average of 6 minutes to resolve all calls that came in so that we could make sure maximum calls were answered. That was sometimes tough as some issues were not easily taken care of in that timeframe, as often times we had to listen to 6 minutes of btching before we could actually find what was wrong. Plus everything had to be digitally documented while on the call for future reference.Modays were always the worst day as most people never knew their was anything wrong until they got back to work after the weekend, and by then they were always livid. Same issue with after a long weekend or around full moon. (don't laugh, that IS a thing; trust me) And to top it off, we were always expected to reach a selling goal every month. So yeah, I guess most all call centers are pretty intense, but on the good side I did get to speak to several celebrities which was pretty sweet, so their was that..

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