what secret organizations are for superheroes in real life out there in the world today?

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  • 1 month ago

    I don't get the question.  Are you asking "IF super heroes were real, what secret organizations that actually exist might they oppose?"  

    If you're looking for a Hydra or AIM or whatever in the real world, they don't exist either...at least not the way they're portrayed in comics and movies.  Certainly, secret organizations have existed throughout time, and some were up to no good.  The KKK started as a secret society.  The Thule Society had numerous high ranking Nazis in it...though not Hitler himself as I understand it.  

    But most secret societies aren't evil.  The Free Masons have innumerable conspiracy theories told about them even though they actually were a group of enlightenment era liberal thinkers who wanted to meet in secret so that the aristocrats didn't kill them.  The Free Masons were trying to BUILD FREEDOM, hence the name.  A Stone Mason builds stone things...a Free Mason is trying to build freedom.  But the secret fraternity party of it has made them a regular feature in the fevered dreams of conspiracy nuts.

    Then there's things like the Illuminati - which actually is a broad term for a number of secret groups, the most famous being that of Adam Weishaupt of Bavaria.  But their actual impact and power is MASSIVELY exaggerated by the stories.  The fact that such a minor group of political functionaries are portrayed as ruling the world today would have made Weishaupt very happy as he was a man who very much wanted his ego flattered.  But he really wasn't really that influential and what power he cobbled together was fleeting.

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      No I'm asking if anyone knows any organizations that will train you for your ability use for different missions like in the movies but in real life

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  • There is none. Also, there is no real super hero. There are cosplayer who goes out and try to fight crimes for real with their martial arts skills but they don't keep their identity a secret. They let everyone knows who's really behind the mask. My theory for that is, they can't out run the cops so there is no point in hiding their identity. Hiding their identity from the cops would only cause them longer jail time.

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