Masters Degree vs CompTIA/CCNA/Etc.?

I have a bachelors degree in business administration and have been working in a financial role for 8 years. However, I hate my job and love programming and technology. Cybersecurity is the field that interests me the most but I also like software engineering, web programming, etc.

I am looking for a career shift. I was thinking about a masters degree in computer science since I have taken 6 computer science courses as electives in my undergraduate. However, the other side of me is saying not to waste money on a masters as there are certificates available. I have done the CompTIA A+ and currently studying for the Network+. Other certificates I will be doing next are Security+, PenTest+ and CCNA Security.

Do I need the masters or are the CompTIA (A+, Network+, Security+ and PenTest+) and CCNA Security Certificates enough? I know how to program in C++ and python. I also know HTML, JavaScript, SQL and PHP (self taught)


If anyone is interested to know, I took programming I and II (C++), data structures and algorithms, discrete mathematics, OS and computer architecture.

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