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Distressed kitty ?

I have a little kitty called Indie, she is over a year in age now and is due to be spayed(she’s an indoor only cat) but because of Covid the vets are only open for emergencies and won’t be spaying cats anytime soon. When she goes into heat she can be quite distressed and I think she’s very uncomfortable and possibly in pain. She is calling(meowing) a lot, rolls around the floor and very needy but she is really bothering my other cat Female Harlee(Harlee is already spayed) she constantly following her around, pouncing on her and sniffing her butt 🙄 And Harlee is really losing her patience with her(hissing) but when we separate them, they both meow until they can be together again.. 

Is there anything I can do to help Indie when she’s in heat? To make her feel comfortable and settle? 

Thank you!

P.s my vets are useless when it comes to cats, they don’t seem to know much about them as in behaviours etc. They are very dog oriented but after all this is over, I think I’m going to change vets. 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    She is not in pain. She is wanting to mate. She will meow A LOT while she is in heat. It could last a while. You could try catnip to settle her down for a while, but it's best to get her spayed. I would call your local aspca and see if they can spay her sooner.

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  • TB12
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    4 weeks ago

    Find another vet, my dog has to go to the vet every two weeks to get his blood sugar checked and my vet has still been open, still seeing my dog and still spaying dogs and cats, there are vets still doing neutering, you just need to look around.

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