What happens if you don't pay your final bill for Verizon? If you're off the contract what can they do? I don't even have a number with?

I owe $55. I was already pissed at Verizon for all those overdraft fees and I finally paid off my phone so I could leave that company and my phone service was disconnected early. The guy said I didn't owe anything else, but I went through my emails and it seems they are trying to charge me a final bill on the 8th.I don't have a phone number with them any more and they are like OK pay this :)

Pay this :)

Okay, now pay this :)

Gaaahh I don't want to give that company another cent after how much they stole from me and lied to me.

If I take all my financial information and keep it away from them and ignore them what will happen?

Will they raise the bill and be like late fee late fee late fee :) now u owe $600 ^^

Or will the $55 just go to a collection agency and probably just affect my credit a little?


I haven't had service this past month 

2 Answers

  • 4 weeks ago

    They will of course send you to collections, and this in turn dings your credit rating, and if this is for both your last bill and part of the last phone pay off, will blacklist the phones ESN/IMEI, so even when you move to a new carrier, the phone will not be able to be activated or will lose service once the blacklist goes into effect.

    So make sure you have in WRITING that as of whatever date, you were paid off in full. Which means your last billing date did NOT roll over into the next billing period by even ONE day. If so, you owe for that billing period, even if you didn't use the service (at least according to the contract you signed). 

  • Rick
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    4 weeks ago

    they will HUNT you down and SIT ON YOU !!!!!!!

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