Would I really notice much difference between an Intel Core i7-9700 and an i9-9900 CPU?

If I build a new computer, would I really notice much of a difference between the two processors? I would be using 32GB of DDR4 RAM. I noticed that both CPU's only support up to DDR4-2666 memory.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    -Why buy a 9th Gen Intel CPU when the 10th Gen CPU's are already out and they're a better value? Even the Ryzen CPU's are a better value than a 9th Gen Intel CPU. The Core i7-10700 has nearly the same specs as the Core i9-9900, which puts them on par in speed and performance. The Core i7-10700 costs $335 on amazon which makes it a much better deal. You will have to find a socket 1200 motherboard for the 10700.

    -2666mhz is the typical speed these 9th Gen processors will run the memory, but that depend on the memory configuration. The system may run the RAM at a lower speed. With a Z-series motherboard, you can go into the BIOS and clock the memory to a higher speed. Although, if you buy a 2666mhz kit and try to clock the memory to 3200mhz, then the chances of it not working are high. 

    -If you're running programs that need more cores and threads, in favor of single core performance, then a Ryzen processor may be a better alternative.

    The primary difference between the i7-9700 and i9-9900 is the i9-9900 has Hyperthreading and the i7 doesn't. Hyperthreading adds a 2nd virtual core to each core, which gives each core the ability to handle two threads. In some multithreaded tasks, Hyperthreading will give the CPU up to a 30% boost in performance. Whether or not you notice a difference will depend on what kind of programs you're running. 


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