Window AC unit. I need help with error codes please.?

It's the weekend. I'm in Texas and it's dang hot. My 4 month old window AC unit shut off and will not turn back on. It's been out about 2 hours now. I unplugged it, waited, and plugged it back in. I get a 27 on the LED readout then it disappears and a F2 appears. Can someone help me decipher these codes please? It's a 8000 btu unit, DELLA brand. No way to reach the seller today. Also the filter is clean. Thx again.

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago
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    F2 is an intake air temperature sensor error.  The sensor is likely bad.  You can unplug the unit, open the front panel and remove the filter.  Check if the temperature sensor is in the sensor holder and the sensor is not touching the evaporator coil.  If the filter is dirty, clean the filter, reinstall everything and and try again.  No luck, call a technician.

    • Beetle4 weeks agoReport

      Thanks very much. It usually has an alert light when the filter is dirty but yes the filter was dirty. Must have frozen up inside because it took over two hours to turn back on after I cleaned it.

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