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How do I stop thinking about my boyfriend's crazy ex?

Short story: She cheated on him and got genital herpes. She tried to blame him and his results came back negative. They did not sleep together afterward and broke it off. Nobody knows she has herpes but me and my boyfriend, and he asked me to keep it a secret because he didn't want to be a jerk and ruin her life. 

She's in my grade and we both have to see her every day. She told everyone he cheated on her, which was obviously bs, while I kept her secret as if she was a friend of mine. We don't talk to her, follow her on anything, and my boyfriend doesn't give a crap about her existence, but I do. Seeing her everyday angers me and makes me feel insecure to the point in which I can't stop thinking about how she shows no remorse for what she did and what she says.

How do I get over this hate? It's been a year now.

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  • 1 month ago

    He tells you his ex has herpes, and he wasn't supposed to say a word.  Meanwhile you're insecure and all jealous and worried about HER when she is his past.  

    He felt free to tell you she has herpes, when this was supposed to be information between him and his ex.  but he felt free to tell you, as if it was ok.  IT'S NOT OK. 

    You might want to keep anything you don't want repeated to yourself around this guy, because he already proved he can't keep his damned mouth shut about confidential information.  Just because the girl with herpes is his ex, it doesn't mean he can't respect her privacy, but he doesn't, and he WILL NOT RESPECT YOURS either!  

    I wouldn't continue to date a guy who felt free to discuss his ex's medical information with me.  And if she has herpes, he probably does too.  He sounds like one of the biggestAssholes on earth. NO WAY i'd see him anymore.  No thanks.

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  • 1 month ago

    Self love. Learn that you and your boyfriends love makes her irrelevant and in the past. Understand that you're better than her through morals, and she's probably more insecure than you which is why she lies 

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  • 1 month ago

    You just gotta fix your self esteem. So distract yourself with your hobbies to feel good about yourself then you will feel less insecure because you have a focus and feel good at something.

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