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Is it still possible to make a comeback on my grades?

I'm taking an online math class and so far I'm failing. My current score is 58% and I got less than a 60% for two tests so far. I'm having trouble with math and I'm worried that I won't pass my math class. I still have 3 tests and 10 more topics to learn about...

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  • 1 month ago

    well you need  to to check up online how to do the math that you dont understand,and practice  them...

    that way  you will be much better and then you will pass  ..but make sure you know how to add up etc etc etc  cause one little mistake makes the sum wrong 

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  • 1 month ago

    You will be fine if you put your mind to it. Trust me, professors need to be flexible throughout this time. Quarantine + online school is a really big blow mental-health wise, so they won't fail you unless they absolutely have to. However, don't even think of slacking off. Next year you will be hopefully back in school or in university, and they won't wait for you to catch up. I recommend Khan Academy! Good luck.

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