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Why am I feeling like this? 5 stars?


I get very agitated when I hear noises, especially if I cannot see where it is coming from. 

E.g. people talking, banging, scraping, kids crying, kids playing (I can't see them), cars/motorbikes, coughing, etc. 

It could be loud to a low sound, I can still hear it. 

My husband bought me an expensive noise cancelling headphones, but somehow my brain tells me to still listen out for these sounds. 

I get angry and overwhelmed and frustrated when I hear these. I feel like I have a fit. 

It don't seem to bug some people (like my Husband), but it bugs me alot. 

I don't like when people move around too much aswell, I prefer if they keep still. 

Plus when I am sick or feel like I am using alot of my senses, I start to make noise with my mouth, like humming or talking jibberish to calm me. Repetitively. 

I don't like feeling like this and feel like slapping people. Because it feels like they make these noises on purpose. When somebody on TV talks too loud, I get angry and annoyed, so turn TV off. 

When sometimes people talk to me, I can hear them, but not focused on what they are saying, I try to but it seems I cant process it in. 

Especially when I am overwhelmed I feel like murdering somebody because I am highly overwhelmed by sounds of chatter and banging and other things at the same time. 

I just don't like being angry. Sometime alcohol helps me to deal with these noises I don't want to hear. I wish I could turn the world down. 

5 stars & what could be the issue? 

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    Personality disorder, psychosis, schizophrenia.... could be anything. Go see a psychiatrist and get help.

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