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Who is the driving force behind the sexual liberation movement, and why do so many people refuse to disavow pedophilia?

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    Women need to put out more because if they don't, a large amount of men go unsatisfied, and then they start trying to do whatever it takes to get laid how they want, going down the road of porn, prostitution, pedophile rings, drugs, even Satanic cults. My position is sex is good, maybe not good with children, but the definition of children isn't an arbitrary line, it is a spectrum. In Judaism the age of becoming a man or woman is 14. Not saying that you should change the law to that, but there is a different law here for under 14. The original reason was increased death in child birth, then they had feminism and women started working, required more money and qualifications to both work to be able to raise a child, there's AIDS and all that. 

    Then these issues kind of got hijacked by the mental stigma of the thing, which is actually mostly caused by the opposition to it. They had a similar prejudice against interracial couples, some still do. There's multiple aspects to the debate, for example on some level, you'll never stop it happening, much like drugs, so some tolerance should be given on some level, or you just drive the entire thing underground and make a black market with thugs running it. I say that kids should be able to get married early if their parents agree. In fact it would be much better if they married early and stayed married, rather than slept around with everyone, which they do start doing in high school, often. 

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      So the age here is 17 as opposed to 18 in the USA. You want to tell me the difference there? Should a guy be on the sex offenders list if he sleeps with a girl in one country, and not another? 

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    The Lord Jesus, dear.

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