Why did Jesus command the Church to wait for the promise of Holy Spirit baptism (Acts 1:4-5;8) but people listened to Peter (Acts 2:38)?

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  • 7 months ago

    Jesus didn't command the church to wait for the promise of Holy Spirit baptism.  Acts 1:1-5 was addressed specifically to the Apostles. ?

    Holy Spirit baptism was a promise, and not a command.

    The baptism that is required for salvation is a command. (Acts 10:47-48)  This was commanded in Acts 2:38.  This command must be "obeyed". (Romans 6: 3-18). When the Romans had "obeyed" this, they were " then set free from sin". (Verses 16-18)

    The promise of Holy Spirit baptism had a vital role in the establishment of the church, but it was never given as a condition required for salvation.

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    7 months ago

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