Did the RCC set the precedent for all these different 'Bible' translations adding & taking away from the Word of God?


These things that mankind are working with called 'Bibles' are adhering to men's "private interpretations" not being "moved by the Holy Ghost" (II Peter 1:20-21).

A person can find a 'Bible' that adheres to whatever jesus they like (I Corinthians 8:5) and is why there are 39.5K+ different so called "Christian" denominations although "Christ has one mind" (Philippians 2:2; 5).

Did the rcc set the precedent who admits "We wrote the Bible" and is why there are so many different "translations?"

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    7 months ago

    There was no "Word of God" until the Pope instructed the bishops of the Catholic Church, in the 4th Century, to study, discuss, pray about, and discern the hundreds of early writings the Church possessed, in order to determine which of them could definitely be considered divinely inspired. After 6 years of intense investigation under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, they identified 73 texts that were definitely divinely inspired, and bound them into a book for easy reference. They called that book "the Book", or in Greek "Biblios".  Since then, the Catholic Church has carefully safeguarded the Bible, making sure that nothing was changed, added or omitted. Until Protestantism came into existence a few hundred years ago. Since then, whole books of God's holy Word have been thrown away, and other parts removed, added, changed, and misinterpreted. Which is why there are thousands of denominations of Protestantism, each claiming to teach from "the Bible alone", yet the teaching of each denomination contradicting the teaching of the others.

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    Hardly!     The KJV is the ONLY TRANSLATION from the ORIGINAL BIBLE!!!!!!!!!   All the others are re-writes of the KJV!   

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    Have you ever considered therapy?

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    I don't know who set the precedent but my number one pet peeve of the Bible when you're talking about taking things away from it is the actual name of God it's true that we don't know the exact pronunciation of God's name Yahweh. but the fact is that in the Old testament that name appears more than 6500 times and the Bible says you shall not remove anything from the Bible. replacing God's name with the word Lord or God is a serious violation of that. The word baal the false pagan God otherwise known as belphegor that word directly translates to the word Lord when we call the god of the Bible Lord You're equating him with the false god that he warned you not to worship. 

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    Yeah, without Vulgate there'd be no protest-ant bibel.


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    You're your own Pope or some kind of Ashkenazi Jewish Atheist .

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