my gf and I booked a week at Lake Eaton (NY)?

then several weeks later, we get an email from NY DEC talking about "misunderstandins"   How people are booking for 2021 thinking it's 2020.  In otherwords, their reservation calendar is screwed up and defaults the date to 2021 instead of the current year.  sure enough, we check our reservations, 2021. like what in the world, do they hire first year BOCES students to do their website, the DEC. whats wrong with those "people."  NY DEC charges a total of about $14.50 for canceled reservations, which obviously we plan on doing.  i'm telling her she needs to do a charge back (which will cost NY several times that $14.50 even if they win) if they don't refund her money, as well as tell them she's going to do it if they don't refund 100%..  do you think, considering the email talking about "misunderstandings" and that this is a widespread problem, clearly putting them at fault, that a charge back is the right course of action vs NYS?

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