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What degree should I choose?

Hey so I really want to be an entrepreneur, I want to have my own business and sell my own brand. But as a degree I would love to study sociology or social psychology. I know that neither degree would help me in becoming an entrepreneur but these are the subjects ive always loved and although I don't want to do anything related I want to learn about I'm passionate. On the other hand though there's a lot of advantages to doing a business degree as I would learn how to manage a business and all the things that come with it. Saying that though, most entrepreneurs dont study business and create amazing companies. Im confused whether to follow my heart and do something I really want to do, or to follow my head and do something I'm not passionate about but will get me far. Does anyone have an advice or insight? Thanks x

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    I would look deeper into each degree you're considering. What exactly each education is all about and how does it apply to the current/future economy? Usually they have information with course studies, so see if that is something you at least understand. 


    You said you want to sell your own brand. 

    How much positive feedback have you received so far for your product? Do you have close friends, family, people who can't wait to buy it? Perhaps asking about it?

    What is your brand stand for? 

    Who are you within your concept goal?

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    Always listen to your heart because more important is satisfaction and happiness.

    Follow your dream. It will take time but one day you will be a successful person with everything in your hands.

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    The most successful people admit that getting a degree is useless.You’re being taught everything in theory, not in practice. Thus, you don’t acquire any vital skills. And skills you need to have to get a job.Consider such successful people as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, David Geffen, Paul Allen or Dave Thomas. They amassed a fortune and yet, have (or had) no college degree. So, how come they managed to be so successful?Well, the truth is that you don’t need a college degree if you have skills, ambition and a big plan.

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    Neither degree is

    an assurance that you will succeed. If you are passionate about something, then do it. If you want to learn something, then do it. But don't make the mistake of thinking that one or the other is your only choice, or that you can't do both; business courses are certainly helpful if you plan to start a business. But if you love something else, there isn't any reason on earth you can't do both. 

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    I took marketing,  it was a 2 year degree and it covered a lot of what you think you'd get from psychology.  

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    If you want to be successful as an entrepreneur you need some business classes (an actual degree would be better).  Yeah, you can hire someone to handle your accounting and finances, but you should have the knowledge to be sure they're not getting rich ripping you off.

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    Consider the following:

    1. Really successful "entrepreneurs" are very smart, very passionate, very ambitious, very hardworking, and very lucky. An entrepreneur is really just a person who comes up with a great idea and is able to actually make that idea into a successful business.  So, to some extent, either you have that innate ability or you don't.

    2.  Business is business is business. Unless you have family money to invest, you have to be able to write a business plan, figure out business loans, and pitch your idea to investors. Either way you have to hire employees, lease buildings and equipment, negotiate contracts, and pay taxes.  If you don't have these skills, you have to hire people who do and hope they share your vision and passion.

    3. Sure, there are a handful of people who didn't even graduate from college who made it really big, but those are the exceptions, not the rule.  Again, it comes down to bold ideas, good timing, exceptional determination and extraordinary luck.  Most entrepreneurs aren't at the level. 

    4. You can be a life-long student of a subject area without getting a degree in that subject.  

    5. Most people are unlikely to do well in school if they study a subject for which that have neither interest nor aptitude. There is absolutely something to be said for following your passion or area of interest.  Just understand that skills and or knowledge you don't have for whatever it is you want to do professionally, have to come from somewhere.  

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    Learn More about entrepreneurs.  Do a search for 'The Sudden Entrepreneur'.  The  person used to write articles for the financial pages and I've been told they also do a blog.  If you find it you will learn a lot.

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