Cruise control issues on ford focus 2005.?

So I have not been successfully able to get my cruise control working on my 2005 ford focus 2005, I have replaced the cruise control so far nothing. The light comes on but does not maintain speed and eventually shuts off, I know it couldnt be electrical. The only next issue is my third brake light connected to the trunk is not coming on when I hot the brakes, but the normal left and right ones come on as to if a car behind me would normally drop but just the third tail light, could that play a role in the cruise control system?

1 Answer

  • Evil C
    Lv 7
    4 months ago

    The inoperable TBL is indicative of a potential bad brake release/cruise control switch. Under your dashboard above your brake pedal you swill see two switches. A gray/black one and a green/light green switch. The green/light green switch is going to be your target. But before disconnecting the switch, disconnect the battery to protect against any electrical damage. To remove the switch, twist it counterclockwise slightly to release it from the mount. Then use a pick to remove the metal retainer clip holding the harness connector into the switch. When installing the new switch, be aware of the white plunger that comes with the new switch. Do not push on it or you can potentially ruin the switch. Installation is the opposite of removal. 

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