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If your Taiwanese Buddhist friend tells you he is torn between supporting China and India, should he support his race...or his religion?

He says that he is still technically part of the Chinese race after all, but his religion comes from India, so he respects them as well, so he is feeling deeply torn between the two countries as they prepare for war

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  • Dan
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    4 weeks ago

    The Buddhism practiced in Taiwan is the same one practiced in China, with Taoist influences. It is different from the Tibetan Buddhism and Japanese Buddhism. 

    I don't see why the current border dispute has anything to do with this, as the religion in India is mostly Hinduism not Buddhism. Or does your friend not know the difference? 

  • Your "friend" should stay well away from any dispute, if he can't even decide which side he should support. His loyalty and/or religion, shouldn't factor into it. It's which side is right. China is notorious for grabbing any tiny piece of land, in order to expand it's borders. There are ongoing territorial disputes with S Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam and any other country with whom it shares land or sea borders.

  • Bob
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    1 month ago

    What is 'the Chinese race'?  

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