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need advice on my job?

basically ive had this job at a pub/restaurant that my dad's friend owns for about five months because i really needed money to buy something. i'm only sixteen and i have very very bad social anxiety and i was extremely uncomfortable every moment i spent working there and used to spend so much time worrying about working that i lost sleep and found myself unable to do other things like schoolwork. i always felt very annoying and bad at my job, like i was a complete burden on everyone else who worked there, and it wasn't made any better by the fact that my dad knows all the staff? like i said, i'm only sixteen, this is my first job and i just don't think i was ready for it and it had such a negative effect on my mental health that i've wanted to quit ever since i started.

obviously the pub closed because of lockdown and i've had such a peaceful few months without it, but now it's reopening and i've fallen back into the terror i used to feel before each shift at the idea of going back. i really, really want to quit and i feel like now would be a good time to do so but my dad really doesn't want me to and keeps telling me that i need money for university and i won't be able to find another job and i should just stick it out for a few more months and i don't know how to tell him that working there was an actual nightmare for me? i'm not sure if this is a serious problem with me too, like - is it bad that i can't stomach a job? is it normal to get this anxious over a job?

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    ¿Dijiste tener 16 años y te estás muriendo por la responsabilidad o dificultad que va con un trabajo? ¡¡Diablos!! Sí que eres un calzones caídos, aguado, debilúcho y sin nada de carácter, bueno, hay que reconocer que tu padre ve en ti la posibilidad de hacerte un verdadero hombre, en mi país la pobreza es tal que "Obliga" a muchos niños a trabajar para conseguir su sustento, desde muy temprana edad, es decir, algunos desde los 10 años si es que no antes, y no se quejan, trabajan en los mercados junto a sus padres y no lloran, y tu te estas muriendo o estás aterrorizado por un trabajo que me imagino que no es muy jodido ni mucho menos agotador, así que mejor te fajas bien los pantalones y deja de ser un náco nagüilon y hazle frente a la vida.

    Buena Suerte. <

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    Anxiety SUCKS↙〽

    ☑Anxiety is Pretty common, and it is nothing to feel ashamed about.

    ☑I recommend YOU take time off to discover habits that will work in lessening the amount of anxiety YOU may feel in ANY given sitiation.

    ☑You need to take YOUR time to discover what makes you happy(hobbies and such), or maybe even think about YOUR happiest

    memories, and you should feel your anxiety levels steadily decreasing.

    ☑Remember to think happy thoughts, and close your eyes and take BIG breaths.

    Deep and slow.

    ☑Oh, and if the people make YOU nervous, take a minute a minute to realize how flawed we ALL are as human beings.

    ☑NOBODY is any better than YOU, and no one has room to judge you.

    ☑I believe this will work out just well for you.

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    I don't have advice specifically for your job but I can give you an answer to a social anxiety question that somebody gave 5 stars to.

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    All the thoughts that you are having....its literally your brain making up scenarios.  Think of the fact that you (and most of humanity) are spending much of our days in thoughts that having little to nothing to do with reality, are often negative, hold us back and make us miserable.

    This is the actually can learn to take control of your mind, rather than having your mind take control of you as it has been doing.

    Your thoughts/insecurities/memories/biases/ego/emotions....none of those things are actually YOU.  They stop you from being who you are, from enjoying your life, from seeing the things that are right in front of you, from seeing things clearly.

    I know this sounds so difficult, especially for an anxious brain. But it is absolutely doable. Can you imagine freedom from thought??  It is life changing.

    So my suggestion is to look up the countless videos/books/online tools which address this very issue.  Many people have not only written on this subject but have used their own experiences as proof of how they were able to turn their lives around.  If you can figure this out at your age, you have it made.

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    If you decide to stay at the job, try to keep in mind that it's not really an important part of your life. The worst that can happen is that you'll get fired and you'll be a little embarrassed and maybe have to deal with some sh!t from your dad, but the fact is your life will have many chapters, and this job won't mean a darn thing in the future. Also, keep in mind that people really don't pay much attention to anyone else, unless they're barking like a dog or pouring wine over their head. For the most part, people don't notice each other. Lastly, if you have social anxiety (feel people are judging you), then to get over it, you need to give yourself permission to make mistakes and put a little effort into social situations (if only by saying "Hi" or "How are you?"). 

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