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Wigan go into administration. Will other clubs suffer a similar fate and is a major shake up needed to protect the game at roots level ...?


Only one answer and I don't think someone is being very respectful to those who follow Wigan Athletic or to football fans generally or is your personal agenda more important than football or in fact other people?

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  • August
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    1 month ago

    Something isn't right here. We have a club that was taken over 4 weeks ago falling into administration. The club seemed to be run very well upto that point but the new owners are using the cov-19 virus as an excuse. The funding that was promised to be injected into the club never materialised by the new owners  International Entertainment Corporation (headed by Stanley Choi.) 

    The EFL has kept very quiet which suggests that the due diligence procedure was not fully executed.

    IEC is an investment holding company. The activities of the Company are hotel operations, and leasing of properties for casino and ancillary leisure and entertainment operations. So you may ask what the F... are they doing in taking over an English football club.

    The administrators now own the club,ground and all the training facilities. Let us all hope that Wigan FC is last to fall into receivership,but i am not holding my breath !  

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I hope so. The more clubs that close, the less football, the better.

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