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How do i find out if my mom filed my taxes and claimed me as dependent already?

I called the IRS and they say they cant look up my name and tell me if it was filed already and they cant tell me if i need to file my own taxes or not. They refer me to some long *** form online to answer questions. 501 or something. This form is ridiculous and makes no sense as per answering my question of whether i need to file or not. I'm so annoyed.

Why cant someone just look it up in the system when I call them


Note that i cannot just ask my mom. I am not in contact with her at all.

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    The only way your mom could have claimed you as a dependent is if she paid for more than half of your shelter, food, clothing and schooling for last year. If you lived at home for 6 months or more, and you didn't work, or you ate your meals there, or if you were in school, she has every right to claim you for 2019. If you didn't live there for at least 6 months, it's not very likely she can claim you as a dependent. File your taxes and claim yourself. If there is a problem, they will go back to her and ask what's wrong. All you will have to do is provide proof that you didn't live with her. You won't get in trouble for this. She will be the one who has to prove she did provide more than half of your subsistence, not you. And by the way--the IRS cannot look up someone else's tax information for you. Only yours. 

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    You file your taxes IF she claimed you as a dependent, the IRS will contact both of you to determine if you are legally a dependent.

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    No matter what, if you have income over the filing limit you MUST file a tax return for yourself. Is your mother legally able to claim you as a dependent?  If she is, then you must answer "yes" to that question when you file, and if she is not, then you must answer "no."  Either way, you must file a return.  It doesn't matter whether she actually claimed you on her return, only if she is legally able to claim you.

    Prepare your tax return truthfully and attempt to file it online.  If it is rejected online, then file it on paper through the US Mail.  When the IRS processes your paper return (which will take perhaps 6 months during the pandemic), they will contact both you and your mother if they find any discrepancies.  You both will be asked to submit proof of whether you can be claimed as a dependent by anyone else, and they will make a decision based on that proof.  If you are right, you get your refund as computed on your return, and if you are not right, you will be required to file an amended return using the correct information.  (Same thing for her.)

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    File your own tax return.  If she claimed you, you will find out soon enough.  If she didn't then you'll get your refund.

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    You file and if it gets rejected, then someone claimed you.  You cannot find out who did it.  Whether or not your mom claimed you does not affect your need to file your own taxes, that i a separate issue.

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    File your return claiming you and if your mother claimed you, then your return will bounce and you will know.

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    They don't yet know how much you made and from what, to know if you have to file,

  • Anonymous
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    You were referred to IRS publication 501.  It has a section on who can be claimed as a dependent.

    The IRS, by law, cannot access your mother's tax return and tell you anything about it.  As for accessing *your* tax history, you apparently said you didn't file and presumably couldn't answer any security questions.

    According to you, you have no contact with your mother at all and do not live with her.  Therefore, she doesn't meet the requirements to claim you.

    The IRS can, if you could answer the questions, whether or not *you* have to file based on your age, income and filing status.

    So, how old are you?

    What kind of income did you have?  W-2, Self-employment, other?

    Are you married or single?

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    Why can't you just ask your mom?  She should have given you a copy. Did you give her your W2? If you didn't, how would she file your taxes?

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    You don't need to know if your mom claimed you are not.

    The IRS asks:

    CAN someone claim you.

    not did someone claim you.

    If your mom, meets the eligibility to claim you as a dependent, you make the box.

    If she doesn't, you leave the box empty. 

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