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I wanna upload videos but I'm scared?

I want to upload videos on YouTube, it's always been my dream, but I've been scared that people from my school find my videos and comment awful stuff about me, I know that if I want to become a youtuber there will always be someone out there who doesn't like me, but someone from school will scare me even more, idk what to do, I don't know if I should just not upload anything. 

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    You have to decide if your passion for the video will outway the negative feedback you get. Decide if its something you want to do and just do it. There will always be those who insult, put you down and are generally negative. You wont get it right first time, most channels started out bad. But they kept going they ignored the haters, you can too. Dont get me wrong im not on about accepting them all, just the negative, ignore those who say quit, or dont bother. Learn from feedback. 

    To the real haters, report them to youtube, if they are in your school report them to school. Dont let fear stop you from following your dreams, you CAN do anything if you put your mind to it, get together with friends who can support and help you with propper feedback, tell family you trust... make a BIG deal from it. the more the better..

    Take the leap, ignore the bad.. TRUST YOURSELF TO BE BETTER THAN ANY HATER

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    as you said "there will always be someone out there who doesn't like you".

    if you cannot handle that, you need to work on not caring more before you take on videos of yourself.

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    If you can't handle the criticism (whether it be justified or not), you probably are better off not putting any videos on YT. The internet and people can be very cruel so if you're afraid of people making fun of you, then don't do it.

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