Is Mars trine ASC attractive?

I know they say Venus or the Moon can make a person attractive when connected to the ascendant...but what about Mars? Isn't that energy good for sex appeal?

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  • Janet
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    DNA controls how we look.

    Astrology controls nothing but IS an influence on our internal psychology. And that can affect not how we look, but how we act.

    Our Ascendant is the social mask we put on when we walk into a social situation and are not yet comfortable in it. We hide behind the behaviors of our Ascendant's Sign.  It is not our true personality, it is not how those who know us well see us .. it is only the initial impression we make on others. And any planets aspecting our planets will modify our first impression.

    In astrology we ARE our 10 planets, with each planet representing an inner need.

    If we have Venus strong in the chart, and IF Venus is mostly well-aspected (interacts harmoniously) with other planets, then we have the ability to act in charming and personable ways. Which makes our PERSONALITY attractive to others, but has no affect on our physical appearance.  Venus conjunct our Ascendant means that our need to socialize shows up when others are first meeting us .. if Venus is well-aspected to other planets, we come across as sociable and pleasing. If Venus is badly-aspected to other planets, we do not come across as pleasing.  EVERYTHING in astrology starts with the planets, and everything about the planets starts with how they aspect each other. The Ascendant is not a planet .. it is just the eastern horizon.

    Moon is our automatic emotional responses, so it is not as involved in whether or not we are appealing to others. But regardless of the Sign that our Moon is in, if our Moon makes mostly-negative aspects to other planets in our chart, then our emotional reactions are disruptive and may be dysfunctional .. which will likely turn others off to us. 

    A well-aspected Moon brings out the positive style of whatever Sign it is in, and that may assist others in being receptive to us.

    As for Mars .. is the planet of how we feel a desire for ANYTHING. And how we react to having ANY desire, whether it is a new car or a hot fudge sundae.

    And also how we take action to get what we want. And how we react if we are thwarted in going after what we want.

    So it is desire - action - initiative - assertion - aggression - anger.

    Sex? A combination of Mars, Venus and Moon.  And mostly effective IF these planets are well-aspected in the birthchart, but not very effective (and maybe even dysfunctional) if thsse planets are badly-aspected.

    Mars is not specifically about sex.  And not much about sex appeal. Sex appeal happens when the other person's subconscious patterns read our subtle signals and see our signals as being similar to their own repressed issues.  No one is universally sexy to everyone.

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