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Jupiter in Gemini opposite pluto and Mars in Virgo squares Gem Jupiter. how would you interpret these two aspects in natal chart?

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    Jupiter in Gemini means that your needs to network and to include more of the outside world into YOUR life, is a need that you try to meet through learning and through communicating with others.

    The opposition to Pluto is not a particularly personal influence on an individual.  Pluto will stay within aspect on average for about 7 years, while Jupiter stays within the range of an aspect for bout 8 months. Therefore EVERYONE born on this planet in an 8-month period will also have Jupiter opposite Pluto.

    Regardless, this opposition means that your need to expand your life (Jupiter) contradicts your need to use your personal willpower (Pluto), and in ways that cause problems with other people (the impact of any opposition).

    Specificially,you tend to communication (Gemini) in ways that arouse opposition from others, and this makes it difficult to expand into life or to network effectively, and at the same time the opposition to your attempts to control situations doesn't work out and builds up inner tension.

    This may have many different ways of expressing itself. One way may be that you question everyone and challenge them to defend their attitudes.  Or you may become so devoted to some cause that others find it difficult to get along with you. 

    There are many other ways this may manifest.  Look to the house positions of Jupiter and Pluto to get some indication about which areas of your life are most-affected by this opposition.  And look at other aspects to Jupiter and to Pluto.

    Mars square Jupiter is much more personal than Pluto square Jupiter

    In this aspect, we see an inner conflict between how you take action and assert yourself (Mars) and how you try to get along with others and build networks (Jupiter).

    There is always too much impulsiveness in action when Mars is square Jupiter .. the person overdoes it. 

    You need to discipline how you go after things, how you assert yourself, and how you try to make use of your connections/networks.  Rather than acting impulsively, first you need to plan out ahead of time what you will do .. and having Mars IN Virgo (which means you are detail-oriented when it comes to taking action) HELPS you plan. This reduces the negative impact of this inner conflict between your Mars need and your Jupiter need.

    Another thing to work on is your impatience and your sloppiness.  Here again, having Mars in Virgo reduces the tendency to be sloppy in your activities and actions.

    But as with the Jupiter opposition Pluto, this Mars square Jupiter also indicates problems dealing with others.

    For a full consideration, and perhaps modification, of what has been said here you would need to consider the Houses involved. And also Venus (Aspects, Sign, and House) since Venus IS how we seek to relate to others. Also your Moon, since that is your automatic emotional responses. And your Ascendant, since that is the social mask we put on and wear in social settings UNTIL we relax and become comfortable in that setting.

    Everything in the chart operates as one whole, and influences, affects, and modifies how any specific feature in the chart influences us.

    Also, since astrology is only an influence, it does not control us unless we lack self-awareness and are just pushed around by all external influences.  All you can see in an astrology chart is how the person will likely be IF they do nothing to grow, learn and change.  So we cannot absolutely predict how that person WILL be, we cannot read their chart without their input, and we must see the entire chart before we can start to see some of what the person is inside themselves.

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    It depends on the position of the minor planets Pluto and Sedna.

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