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What is the difference between Scorpio and Taurus Descendant?

& what does it mean if you have pluto & mars in house 7 conjunct DC ?

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    Your Descendant is how you approach serious, committed, formal partnerships ... either marriage or a business partnership.

    Both Scorpio and Taurus are "Fixed" Signs, which means that they resist change. They resist committing, but once they do commit, they resist breaking up too. Which is probably why they are so slow to commit in the first place, knowing that they will find it hard to leave even if the relationship turns out to have been a mistake.

    Since these are Fixed Signs, and therefore they resist change, they may be prone to jealousy.  Jealousy is an emotional response to a perceived threat .. one that might cause the relationship to change or even to end.  And Fixed Signs don't like change.

    Scorpio is a Water/emotion Sign, ruled by Pluto the planet of inner power/intensity. So they will be emotional and intense about their marriage. As well as "fixed".

    Taurus is an Earth/practical Sign, ruled by Venus, so they will be more relaxed in their marriage, but just as stubborn. And also more-likely to see their partner as their "possession", to think they can own their partner. And this is not likely to change since Taurus is a "fixed" sign.

    When a planet is in the 7th house or conjunct the Desc, the need represented by that planet is a need that you use marriage to try to meet that need.

    Pluto is our need to use our will power.  Whether or not we use it constructively, depends on how Pluto interacts with ("aspects") any of the OTHER 9 planets in your chart. For this reason, astrologers ALWAYS look FIRST at how a planet is aspected, before they consider the Sign or the House position.  

    So if Pluto is badly-aspected (squares and oppositions), the person tries to use their force to make others change, and this usually has bad results for them.  If Pluto is well-aspected (sextiles, trines), the person uses their force within, to confront their fear and pain, and to transform themselves, growoing into the best they can be inside of themsevles. A mix of positive and negative aspects means that in some ways they handle their inner power constructively, and in other ways they handle it poorly.

    Regardless, when Pluto is conjunct the Descendant or in the 7th House, this is someone who uses their power in their marriage ... to push and manipulate their partner and/or to grow from the experience of being a spouse.

    Mars is our desire nature. We see something and we react to our desire for it. So we take action to get that. And if we are blocked from getting it, we get frustrated. So Mars is how we react to any desire we might have, how we take action (or don't take action) to get what we want, and how we react when we are frustrated.  Mars includes behaviors such as initiative, assertion, aggression, anger, irritation, and how we take action.

    Mars on the Descendant or in the 7th House means that the person's desires center mostly around partnership/marriage. They take action best when they are acting in partnership, rather than acting on their own.  They may not be an irritable person EXCEPT with their partner.

    And most likely, if their Descendant is a Fixed Sign, their Mars is likely to be a Fixed Sign as well, so the WAY in which they take action will be to either take no action (remember that "fixed" means "resisting change") or to become totally committed and to continue their efforts no matter what the barriers might be.

    But here again, FIRST you have to consider HOW Mars relates to the rest of their personality ... if it fits in well (is well-aspected) or contradicts other inner needs (is badly-aspected).  That dictates HOW you interpret how Mars works in the personality.

    One more caveat ... astrology is only an influence.  It does not control us unless we have no self-awareness and allow ourselves to be blindly pushed around by these influences. All the birthchart shows is how the person will likely be IF they do nothing to change or grow. Even the worst aspects in a birthchart CAN be overcome and mastered. And no astrologer can know how much their client may have mastered and overcome, so all readings must always be done in a two-way communication (in person, over the phone, on Skype/etc).

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