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Why should we care about sea turtles?

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    Sea turtles are a "keystone species," which means they are an important part of their environment and one on which other species in the ecosystem largely depend. If sea turtles were to disappear, the natural order of the marine ecosystem would be disrupted and the ecosystem could change drastically.  Here are some ways in which sea turtles have an effect on the environment:

    Sea turtles graze on sea grass.  Keeping the grass short encourages it to spread laterally, allowing sunlight to penetrate better and leaving room for fish, shellfish and crustaceans to shelter and reproduce.

    Sea turtles come on beaches to lay their eggs.  After the babies hatch, the empty egg shells that are left on the beach decompose into nutrients.  These nutrients help beach vegetation to grow strong root systems that will hold sand and protect the beach dunes from erosion by wind and storm waves.

    Sea turtles eat jellyfish, preventing the large blooms of jellyfish that can disrupt fishery operations, clog the water intakes of power plants, and interfere with recreational activities by stinging swimmers.

    Algae and small crustaceans often attach themselves to sea turtles'  shells.  The turtles allow small fish and shrimp to pick off these organisms and eat them, providing food for the fish/shrimp while cleaning the turtles' shells in the process.    

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    You may not care but a lot of people find them to be endearing. Those people care and they do not want sea turtles to become extinct because of humans.

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    Why should we care about you ?

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