How does one ask reddit a question?

If I wanted to ask a question on reddit would I have to make a account or is there some other way and if there is no other way, how do I make a reddit account just for asking questions without the social requirements most online users must meet to not be a "Awful Human Being." Also if I wanted to ask a question based on where to find a novel or manga? what is the best reddit to do that in? and if the question was where to find a flash game one vaguely remembers where would the best subreddit for that be what are they called? Sorry i have forgotten a novel and a flash game form my childhood that I deeply loved. 

For reference the 2 questions I want to ask on reddit are.

1#. I once played a good flash game that was a like stick war legacy except you could choose the characters you wanted class and then weapon. so i choose the medusa character I want her to be a thrower and i equip her with the Pokka dotted egg. in the game you play as a giant pink monkey with a tiny pink monkey on your back. what flash game is this. Could someone help me find this flash game?

2#. I once read a novel where the main character was some beastkid. he was a starry-tailed foxkin he was a prince I remember his fur was white/blue and he was fleeing for some reason... he is with a black tiger girl and a normal yet fierce butler (I may be slightly off with the butler's personality) I don't remember where I read it and I might have been on Wattpad but I'm not sure. Could someone help me find this novel?

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