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Will the UK government aid music venues there?

It is in the news that celebrities asked them to, in an open letter 

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  • steve
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    1 month ago

    They haven't pledged any money to do so yet and many venues will never reopen without help.

    My favourite venue is just a small club in the north east of England where the capacity is only around 200 people but it attracts big name acts who are doing warm up gigs prior to the arena tours as well as up and coming bands and established acts that were once megastars but are now not so much in the public eye. They will close without financial assistance.

    I do wonder though why people like Paul McCartney who is one of those calling for the government to step in can't do something themselves to help out financially because without the Cavern Club in Liverpool he would not be where he is today. So maybe it is time for him and others like him who got their start in small venues to step up and give something back to help.

  • gerald
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    1 month ago

    We have built a house of straw for the aid of  making money many things are covid production units either we do something else or whistle in the wind 

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