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What is wrong with me?

I was a bright student until seven grade but I've suddenly decided to not study I don't know why did that but my parents thought it is the sue to the new school I transferred to so transferred me again to another school but I haven't improved since then I am wasting time I want to study but I am not able too what should I do?

Can somebody please help

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    Have you become addicted to your cell phone or the internet? That's often what is behind a decrease in school performance. If you are addicted to your phone or the internet, you have to get some self-discipline going and learn to turn it off and make time for other important things, namely, doing well in school so that you have at least the possibility of making a good life for yourself.

    You say you 'suddenly decided to not study'. Just like that, huh? I'm not bashing you ~ the mind can do things like that. Part of your mind says "This isn't fun. I'm not doing it anymore".

    Thing is, now it is up to the real you (which is not just the mind), to step in and make another decision ~ that you are going to look to the future you want for yourself and take steps to make that happen. This probably includes doing the usual study expected of students.


    I know that you can 'step in' and take control of your mind. I was an alcoholic and got diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. Did part of my mind want to stop drinking? Of course not. I had to muster the real me (which is not my mind) and overcome that silly urge to keep drinking and drinking to my grave. It wasn't easy ~ at the time ~ but eventually I turned the mental shout of "Have a drink!" into a tiny whisper that I never listen to any more.


    Again, if a tech device is behind this "I want to study but I am not able to" scenario, sorry, but you're going to have to get rid of the device for at least most of every day. Give it to your parents for most of the day if need be. 

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