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Why would a complete stranger intentionally let you see them take a picture of you?

I was walking and a man sitting in his car kept holding the camera up as I was walking to my car at me, his cell phone camera and laughing videotaping or snapping pictures of me and he intentionally was not caring I could see. What is the purpose of that? he's never going to see me again and does not know me? Was that just intentional harassment? and also when men purposely stare and stare is that also harassment? and some times makes a negative remark and I am like "good than stop staring" What is their purpose and it's not like they are going to get anything out of it. They will rudely stare and make me so uncomfortable I angrily turn the other way, and when I ignore they let out a grammar school insult.


Rick how would you like it if a random guy started taking pictures of your girl friend, wife, sister, daughter laughing and taking pictures of them. for what purpose would you take a picture of a stranger? you should evaluate your life. 

Update 2:

I should had taking my cell and shot pictures of his license plate seeing I can stalk him after I find out who he is and take pictures of his face and laugh. why the hell would he take a picture of a random stranger?  get a life please

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  • rick
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    If I photograph somebody. I'd rather they know it. I don't want someone to think I'm sneaking spy pictures of them or think I'm some sort of voyeur.  If you don't want me to do this, I must wonder what you are doing that you are so ashamed of?

  • 1 month ago

    Is there any reason someone would have you followed and photographed?

  • 1 month ago

    I would hide my face and hurry away to my car.

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