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Why do people categorise men’s rights activists as incels ?

For example if you make a point about father’s rights, the justice system, men’s mental health or violence against men (not remotely misogynistic), people (who get triggered for some reason) have no answers for you so often attack your love life. If you’re not called a cynical misogynist, it’s “incel”. If they know you aren’t an one, they suggest someone broke your heart, if you’re in a relationship with a woman at present, they then suggest you’re having domestic issues. 

They’ll pick and pick and pick until you can’t effectively refute their claims anymore. 

It’s as if people can’t hack the fact that a dude has a normal life with a normal girlfriend but still fight for men’s rights. Why?

Why would an incel care about men’s rights anyway? Unless its rights to rape. They hate us as much as women but in an envious way, not a bitter, rejected way 

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  • Foofa
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    1 month ago

    No one does that. The MRA movement arose out of a divorced father's treatment in a custody battle over his kids. He was hardly an incel and as memory serves it was him and his new wife leading the charge to reform family courts. Incels are something entirely different.

  • amy
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    1 month ago

    The insults really arent that bad after all they are just meanless insults with no real substance. You know once upon a time if you were a MRA you were running a huge risk of being doxxed, socially out casted as a deplorable sexist and loss your job. A stupid insult seems like nothing once compared to that.

  • Chad
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    1 month ago

    Did we not have a discussion earlier about you manning up and admitting that there is no girlfriend in the picture for you and there has never been? 

    And that the notion of you having even stuck your penis inside of a female made out of silicone with a metal skeleton, is likely false?

    We did have the discussion but you chose to report it because the truth was becoming too painful. 

    Just quit fighting it dude. 

    If we accomplish nothing else while we are here, we are going to get you to admit that things arent the way you are trying to make them seem. 

  • 1 month ago

    You've got the same problem the feminists do. A lot of your fellows are foul haters of the other gender, and YOUR stuff is *not* going to be considered in isolation from that context.

    Just like the feminists, if you actually do have some legitimate issues, you need to START OFF your exposition by decrying the WELL KNOWN gender bigotry in your ranks. If you don't, it's a pretty natural assumption that you're just like the rest.

    You need at least to be seen as *understanding* that your trash needs to be taken out back to the alley, even if you don't necessarily manage to carry the cans out there yourself. Otherwise, complaints about *other* people's cans overflowing with garbage will not be well received.

    Just like with the feminists and the manhaters, the womanbashers and incels have peed in the soup you're serving, and folks are not just going to smile and reach for their spoons.

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