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Should I see someone for something like this?

I simply can not relax I'm a 20 year old and they is just so much going through my head constantly like a legit 24/7 situation were I don't even sleep properly.

Around people like my girlfriend I blend it as in on the outside I look fine, but in reality my brain is in flames because I'm always finding something to worry about, I'm always anxious and recently I believe this is starting to cause nightmares in those times I do get sleep.

I just feel horrible all the time no matter what, but they is always people looking ag me expecting me to be something and do stuff great, but I feel run down and sick the only reason I keep pushing is because im terrified of disappointing people.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Sounds like some sort of anxiety disorder. I think it would certainly be beneficial for you to speak to a mental health professional. Don’t hide this. 

  • Naguru
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    1 month ago

    Yes. Be sure about your exact mental health problem. Take first hand help from your parents, elders or family doctor.Yes. If necessary, consult a reliable psychiatrist.

    You should see someone for something like this. They  should be trustworthy and reliable.

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