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Is it okay for a therapist to ask his female client about sexual details ?

I’m a sex worker and I was telling my therapist about how guys tie my hands before we start bondage sex. He asked me if they kiss my hand while doing that. I was surprised by that question because he’s usually shy to ask me stuff like that. I just laughed and said sometimes guys kiss my hand then I changed the subject. Is he going too far too ask that? I have been seeing him for a year, we are doing trauma work, I am having a hard time opening up to him, I’m not sure if this is a way for him to have me open up. I usually just tell him I met clients and we did bondage, I never give him details. But he recently started to me what else, tell me more... but I feel weird giving him details about what sexual stuff guys did to me. Should I give him details or would that be weird? I’m not shy or uncomfortable but I don’t want him getting sexually excited by the details. Btw I don’t do this work because I want to, my husband makes me do it. It’s a cultural thing.  

Thanks for your time! 

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    He's a therapist.  Therapists go into minute details, that's what they do for a living.  Some of those minute details will involve sex.  

    If anyone is crossing any lines here, it's your useless husband.  But that isn't what you asked, so ignore my advice if you will.

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    For therapy to be most effective, he needs to pursuance you to open up more

  • 1 month ago

    He probably read somewhere that guys kiss a female's hand before tying them and wanted confirmation.

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