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I find myself crying at everything, why?

I am a 22 y/o woman. I have always been an emotional person/ very "in touch with my emotions" but recently I can't seem to stop crying at everything. It's not because I am sad or depressed, at least to my conscious knowledge I don't believe I am sadder or happier than the average person. I find myself crying at anything like a movie, show, or even commercial that is even a little bit inspiring, moving, sad, or even happy. I cry when I listen to music that I love, that moves me as well as sad music. I cry at other people's pain and when someone cries I always cry. When I speak passionately about something I might start to tear up. I am and have always been a very empathetic person but I don't think I would consider myself an "empath" just based on like an online quiz I took, but I don't really know. I've always been proud of how in touch I am with my emotions but recently I feel like it happens more and more and I'm starting to get frustrated that I can't seem to control it easily. I don't want to be speaking passionately and start to cry to an audience where it would be inappropriate to cry.

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    We're in no position to diagnose but if you were to see a psychiatrist - which I think is a good idea - I have a hunch that you'd be prescribed a mood-stabilizing medicine. I have a bad feeling about what you're saying here, like you're headed for a breakdown that could send you to the hospital. 

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    You're depressed. Depression affects people like this. You would know what is happening in your life to trigger this. Could it be you're reacting to Covid 19 and the isolations? If that's the case, find ways to cheer yourself up. Even tho I didn't 'feel' like it, I have been watching a lot of comedies on tv - they have helped a lot.

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    Could this HUGE coronavirus catastrophy have shaken your faith in Life itself?  Look at the thousand upon thoudands of ppl who are dead or gonna die.  We live in extremely depressing times. Deadly times.  It reminds me of the Black Plague of the Middle Ages.  So you have reason for fears and tears.  You just have not connected the dots yet.  If the fear continues please ask your M.D. for some medicine to help you though this time of trial. Don't play the strong man role....or in your case, the strong lady role.  Get help.  If you need to just talk to someone like a counselor to keep you balanced, then do so.  There is no shame inbeing a wise woman either.  I wish you well dear.  

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    Well.that's great.

    At least someone has feelings.

    it is very rare nowadays.

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