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Should I let him back in?

A guy I had always had a crush on back in school had texted me in the last week before graduation and we talked over text but it was very brief.I may have been a bit too excited about him and sounded overeager (if he didn't respond I'd keep over texting and getting emotional about it) and I basically killed my chances with him,except he still texted inconsisyently now and then and would always ignore the conversation midway.He once asked me if I could send him a "pic" of myself and called me a few times,which was when he started masturbating over the phone and asking me if I knew how to do it..I perceived him as a ******* and after he unfollowed me one day on Instagram I did too.I know he only wanted sex and was promiscuous over the phone over a normal conversation..but he recently sent me a request again after a few years.I sound crazy but I still kind of have feelings for him...should I let him back in my life I ignore him and move on.. we're I'm separate unis now and I won't be seeing h in person again but I keep wondering if he's changed

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  • Helen
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    1 month ago

    No he hasn't. You know that deep down. I suspect you will go back to him anyway.

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