Are all men victims of the feminist matriarchy...?

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  • 1 month ago
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    "Are all men victims of the feminist matriarchy...?"

    Let's say that everyone is affected by the feminist and cultural Marxist social engineering nonsense of late.  With them, it's no longer good enough to just want equality and hope for normal, agreeable human behaviour.  They now demand we follow -their- ideology which uses identity politics to create victims and oppressors which they then either covet, or actively hate on.  Good grief!


  • 1 month ago

    Yes we are. Ones like me who point it not in a whiny way but in a “hey, you’re kind of violating my human rights here”, we’re shut down and called misogynists. Those cucks you see who treat all women like queens are subconscious victims.

    I suffered for years after I reacted to an ex’s emotional abuse and her being unfaithful for many months. She was the loveliest girl at first but it was her teenage friends who brainwashed her. I wasn’t allowed female friends I knew years before her and I was routinely accused of being controlling or cheating with no evidence even if I tried to ask what the deal was. While I was only 18 and regret not just leaving, I’ve since then learned from this and have dated much better women since. 

    I was also publicly accused of raping a girl who didn’t even exist. Normally you wouldn’t worry however people clung onto this and I’m now banned from and soundcloud as a result.

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