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High cholesterol and LDL??

I am 22 years old and just got told my Cholesterol is 205 and my LDL levels are 119. I am a healthy weight for my age. I am not a very active person typically bc I am a student and sit am my desk doing work all the time. I am not sure what to do to lower it. I don’t really watch what I eat but I guess I should now. What should I avoid or implement more into my diet? Does water and exercise help? Am I going to have a heart attack? I’m so scared right now I am young and don’t think I would have to worry about these things yet. Help please!

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    You might want to go to YouTube and watch Dr Diamond's videos on cholesterol.  Without cholesterol, we'd be dead.  It's the building block of every cell in our body.  205 isn't really high, and i don't see how it's going to kill you.  Just don't eat sugars, grains or junk food at all.  Eat healthy foods and healthy fats.  

    Dr Ken Berry also has cholesterol vids on YouTube

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     One place to start is looking at exactly what you're eating. The best way to do this is to write down what you've taken in over the course of the day. Next look at how much is some type of a carbohydrate, and more so what are the refined carbohydrates. It's been shown that carbohydrates, and more specifically the refined carbohydrates, that's been linked to increased triglycerides. Those triglycerides are then link to the LDL form of cholesterol, or the so called bad cholesterol. What many don't realize is that the triglycerides are converted into the LDL cholesterol. so when you look at the carbohydrates, start by lowering where, and as much as you possibly can the simple carbohydrates.

     Also look at what you're fiber intake is, and if you're not getting at least say twenty five grams a day, work on increasing it. The fact is most people aren't getting enough dietary fiber in their diets. It's been positively linked that those whose diet is lower in the simple carbohydrates, and a diet that has at least twenty five grams of dietary fiber. Now some will tell you to cut fatty meats, dairy, and eggs specifically the egg yolks. However dietary fats has actually been shown with the majority of the population, to have very little impact on the overall blood serum cholesterol levels.

    Now what you don't worry about dealing with now, will come back later in life to bite you. There are people younger than you who "thought" they had nothing to worry about. Yet that type of thinking that being young made them exempt from a heart attack, and at the age of  at age thirty five they had a heart attack. There is no such thing as to young, for health issues to crop up.

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    You should really talk with your doctor. Sometimes a change in diet helps but to be honest the only thing that worked for me was Lipitor. I went from 239 down to 140 total with the good cholesterol up, the bad cholesterol down and the tryglyedides (sp?) down.

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