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Is Biden going to do another shutdown if he wins?

Im voting against any shutdown since I have  to pay rent. Some people are as affected by a shutdown as most people  get when they have  COVID. We have turned into an overly risk averse society.  I never voted that we should shut everything down over a disease that has like a 1 percwnt death rate. Second shutdown would be worse. Im voting against any candidate that wants a shutdown. I say f*ck it and just let it hit. Everybody dies someday

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  • Sandy
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    1 month ago

    couldn't agree more. covid is not a death sentence unless you have a serious pre-existing condition. you can recover from it. (I did and without going to the hospital). most positive people are asymptomatic. it's all part of herd immunity. Fauci and the Democrats are trying to keep people in lockdown to control the masses and make Trump look bad. If people are not out looking for a job, the unemployment numbers will stay high, so the Dems can use that to criticize Trump.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    This is why people with your mindset are no longer trusted to govern. Richest and "best country in the world" can't provide any safety nets so people don't have to choose health or consistent shelter or food. Not only do we compete for basics, we must compete to death.

    Bulllllllshit. This **** is dead. I want to flip this table.

  • Sam
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    1 month ago

    Biden is going to do whatever he can to save your dumbass. 

    That's pretty stupid of Biden but at least he cares.  

    He cares about you even though you don't.  

    I wouldn't if I were him, but he's a better person than I.

    Source(s): Unfortunately, I can not say that about Trump. Hell, you are a better person than Trump and I don't even know you. Before you get a big head, you should know that it doesn't take much to be a better person than Trump. It's a very low bar to hurdle.
  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Things that happen when we shut down can kill us faster than the virus. We're all starting to learn how close that gets to us. 

    - WHY/HOW did your question get moved to Polls & Surveys?

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