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Do you think the nurse thinks I’m weird?

My son has to get a COVID test because he’s having a procedure done. I keep calling the clinic and asking them if there’s a way I can get him sedated for it because he’s only one and he’s going to hate getting the swab up his nose and I know he’ll scream bloody murder during it. I keep calling and rescheduling appointments and trying to talk to the nurse about getting him sedated. Do you think they think I’m weird?

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    Weird, no.  Annoying, probably.

  • 1 month ago

    It's over protective. He needs to learn not everything must go his way.

    It's just one nose swab, just stuff it in get the mucus and get the test done. He has to grow up, it's just part of life. 

  • edward
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    You are weird.  I do this to my kid when i go to the doctors for him.  A little childrens tylenol before we go, by the time we get there it’s taken effect, needles barely hurt and he doesn’t scream.  Not enough to knock him out, just enough to make the pain go away. 

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    They don't think you're weird, but they should be questioning your understanding of everything.

    Most hospitals are currently requiring anyone receiving sedation to have a covid test beforehand.  This is because oxygen is often administered during a procedure requiring sedation, or is nearby in case it's needed.  They want to make sure the patient doesn't have covid before initiating something that can aerosolize easily (like oxygen via mask.)  I work in a children's hospital, and any procedure requiring sedation requires a covid swab 2-3 days beforehand.  So to be sedated for a covid swab, your child would first need to get a covid swab... get it?

    Your son will be FINE.  He will scream bloody murder but he will be FINE.  It's important to let kids experience things that aren't pleasant at times, because this is how they learn coping skills and resilience.  Your son will take his cues from YOU, so you should probably try to reduce your own anxiety over this.  Go in calmly, assure him he's okay, hold him during the swab, and cuddle him as soon as it's over (it takes mere seconds to swab.)  He will forget about the swab quickly.

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    They will think you are mad but will tell you it wont matter if he screams as that is normal and it doesn't cause pain, it is only a quick swab and over quicker than the time it took you to read this answer, Good Luck

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    They arent gonna sedate him for it, its too much work for them

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