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Why are Americans so willing to accept the total mismanagement of coronavirus relative to other developed countries that Trump might win?

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    I am an American and am fully aware that trump mismanaged this virus. He was too concerned with being reelected so he kept it from becoming public. He has screwed up during the entire pandemic. He is personally responsible for our 2.7 million cases and nearly 130,000 deaths. I don't accept it and most Americans don't. He must go in November. I know he doesn't care about all those people. trump cares for one person--himself. He's always been that way and always will be that way. I can't imagine the idiocy of someone who accepts what trump did and even defends it. He is a disgusting excuse for a human being. He plays the victim and has no leadership skills. His fault our economy tanked. His fault people have to wear masks and social distance. Other countries with less resources did much better. This was a failure of epic proportions by trump and his equally inept administration.

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  • Kenny
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    4 months ago

    President Trump did a great job despite all the mismanagement from the left .   

  • 4 months ago

    It’s not that easy because our government is made up of two levels, the state and federal level. Which is why you see on the news governors disregarding some of the things said on a federal level aka the current president and implementing guidelines they feel is appropriate for their state. The country is quite large and the federal government would not be able to oversee and enforce all towns and cities in the country. Every state does not always have the same laws either such is the case in property or income taxes. Some states require you pay them others have no such provisions. Education and minimum wage are other topics that vary by state. The federal government can impose certain laws and encourage others, again depending on what it relates to. Which is subjective to interpretation and debate, which is why there is a big discourse going on and why it’s all over the place state to state in how to tackle the protests and Covid response.

  • Jeff S
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    4 months ago

    Only Trump's most loyal fans do!

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  • Trump did not mismanage the virus. US is about average per capita.

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