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Is it safe to clone my routers MAC Address to a random address?

My router supports MAC Address Cloning and it also has the option to change it back to its original MAC Address. Is it safe to change its MAC Address to a random address?

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    That facility for systems with separate modems and MAC "locking", where the internet connection is only enabled when the original MAC address device is connected to the modem (or rather to the ISP's connection).

    Cloning the original router (or single computer) MAC address to a new router allows the connection to work with the new router, rather than it be disabled.

    If it's not on that type of system, then using different MAC addresses on the router will have no effect on anything.

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    That's not something you'd normally need to use.  It's used when adding a new router to an existing ISP connection when the ISP will only allow the original router to connect.  This feature allows the new router to use the MAC of the old router to make the ISP happy.  It serves no other function.

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