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What to do when he’s too busy with his family ..?!?

I’m in a conflicting situation.Ive been dating this guy long distance for now but he wants to be with me and live together eventually so we have had all those serious talks about marriage etc etc. he just moved from California to Georgia and right now he’s staying with his family for the past 3 weeks he’s been there communication has been awful 😂 sometimes we text a lot and sometimes we don’t. I’ve been having to text first 

I’ve even asked him the other night does he still want to be with me and he said “ of course honey” so yes I have made sure there wasn’t anything “malicious going on” and trust me there isn’t. I know his family and where he is at.  Right now I get it he’s gonna get his place soon and just figuring out his work life so that part I do get.

I get the whole “if he ain’t talking just leave him” but I feel like my situation is different but I’m still conflicted like should I just wait for the situation to improve with us talking or just completely leave 😕 

Yesterday he was just having a pool day with his family and that was it we just didn’t talk much.but the other night we talked till 12am 

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    Three weeks of limited communication because he's with his family and you're seriously freaking out over it?

    You are needy, insecure, and childish. God forbid he's not talking to you 24/7 at your beck and call. Grow up and chill out. He deserves to be able to spend time with his own family without some needy, co-dependent girlfriend hanging around.

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    Don’t rush for anything, river don’t wash away well water !

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    His family is more Important then you.

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    So the two options are these: Either he texts you all the time or you should leave him? Does that really make any sense at all? You sound very needy and there are a lot of pretty girls in Georgia. I wouldn't press things, if you catch my drift. 

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