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Did you pick your cat or did you cat pick you by sticking out a paw inside an animal shelter?

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    I used to joke that when we went to the shelter to pick out a new cat, the one who climbed the highest would win.  When we stepped into the kitten room, one jumped from a cat tower right onto my shoulder and started sniffing my ear. That was it.  Ten years and one month later, he still climbs his big butt up onto my shoulder for cuddles.

  • 1 month ago

    She picked me because she bit me while I was holding her at the Vet where I adopted her.. That was 7 years ago and she tries to stay with me everywhere I go and no matter what I am doing now when I am home. SHE is a pest and always in my way... 

  • 1 month ago

    As much as I have wanted to go to a shelter to adopt a cat, I haven't been able to.  I have had two cats in my life.  Both appeared on my bed when I woke up in the morning having left a window open.  Both were black.  Both had attitude problems.  Both stayed.  The first ended up as the loveliest cat but sadly had to be put to sleep after 9 years.  The second arrived a couple of years later, just as I had building work finished so I was looking to get a cat during the following winter as I had a little more work to do in my house (still not re-varnished the floor 2 years later!), plus it would be easier to keep a new cat in during the winter as I would keep doors and windows closed.  But my current old lady cat absconded from a neighbour's and when taken back, kept coming back to mine.  So she has stayed.  I can't bear to look at the shelter cats until I am ready to have one.  I was obsessive between cats, but now will have to wait and when this one goes, keep my windows closed!

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    One of my current cats was chosen by my mom. She was supposed to be her cat but the cat chose me so shes mine now. 

    The other cat convinced me to take her. I wasn't really looking for another cat but one of the residents in assisted living where my mom works passed and nobody wanted the cat. She was going to be brought to a shelter but my mom had spent the last month caring for her (while her owner was in the hospital) and kind of bonded with her and wanted me to come take a look at her since she couldn't take the cat. She was an older female cat which I prefer so I said ok and when I got there the cat was a little hesitant but quickly warmed up to me and I had to take her home. 

    One of my last cats I chose because she was an older female cat and she was also very pretty. A color point tortie with blue eyes. I asked if I could see her and when they opened the kennel and I went to pet her and she rubbed up against my hand and that was it. I took her home. 

    I chose to foster a couple of older ladies too because the owner needed a foster and you know, old lady cats. How could I say no. 

    And the last cat I have had was chosen by my mom for me when I was like 13. 

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  • 1 month ago

    My cats were born to my house.

  • Ocimom
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    1 month ago

    I picked out all my cats.

  • Maxi
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    1 month ago

    Neither...... I was called by the vets to see one of their clients dog while waiting for them I was talking to all the cats as that vet  does all the neutering for cat rescue, so there is always lots of rescued cats and kittens in there alongside clients cats ...I had always wanted a burmese cat and saw one( and heard it) in a crate I thought she was a clients cat, so talked to her ( along with all the other cats) my client arrived, saw her and her dog then was chatting to one of the vet techs and told her jokingly if the burmese's owner forgot to collect her call me as I will have her and she said " shes a rescue and you are about 15th in line as everyone wants her"....I smiled, said my goodbyes and left and got a phone call from cat rescue about an hour later asking me if I wanted her, so within 20 mins I had got to the vets to collect her, had to borrow a litter tray, litter and food from them as I hadn't had a cat for years, but set her up the next day with all she needed

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    She picked me. She was loose in a room with four others. She came up to me and stood up like a meerkat. Started "talking". She stole my heart.

  • 1 month ago

    My oldest cat Matthew Jr. chose me.  His previous owner died and he was left without food.  Eventually he came and found me.

    The other cats?  Well, Matthew Jr. is a welcomer.  He would wander, and bring other cats home with him.  Some stayed.  Now I know how "cat colonies" form.

  • Wilson
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    1 month ago

    My car picked me 

    We were both admitted to the same mental institution on the same day

    We struck up a conversation and became quick friends 

    Now my cat brings me dead rats and half-chewed socks 

    And I sneak him some Catnip In return 

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