create a black mask for a photo?

i have absolutely no knowledge when it comes to Photoshop or editing photos but i need to create a mask for my logo (which doesn't have a background). So I could use it as a cut out in order to have a transparent background. Because later i need to use it for revit and revit reads black background as transparent layer.  i found an image which represents what i am trying to achieve, is there a website or some simple method to do it with out using Photoshop? 

- iam also a beginner in revit    

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2 Answers

  • If your existing logo is a PNG file with a transparent background - it should work. It essentially has a black mask (alpha) already. Have you tried inserting the file into Revit yet?

    If it didn't work, does it say anywhere what the filetype should be - PSD? TIF? Or is it actually looking for something vector based?

  • 1 month ago

    If you just need an image with a black background rather than transparent, create a solid black layer behind the image so the transparent areas show black.

    Then save it as a normal image file again, a .png or .jpg etc.

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