Why do we go so well together ?

So my on and off boyfriend are totally opposite people yet we get along so well the first day we meet and I walked pass him it was this energy like I can’t explain , and then asked for my number I gave it to him blah blah , now we go on our first date and the first time I actually looked in his eyes I feel in love now I don’t believe in love on first sight or whatever but that man was really something , we both said something at the same time that made us both laugh and that was “damn” we both knew what was up . He’s an libra and I’m an Aries and I don’t believe in zodiac astronomy stuff but I was reading and wonder if that’s why . I love him so much that I can’t leave him whenever we get mad at each other I feel like I might die and I don’t want to be with no one else but him 

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  • Janet
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Psychology tells us that the stronger the chemistry is at first, the worse the relationshp turns out to be once the infatuation has worn off.  You are utterly smitten and infatuation.  Bad indication.

    As for astrology, don't bother doing "zodiac sign" stuff .. that is not real astrology. It is just your Sun sign, and while it is easy to find, it is only 2% of the entire astrological picture. No two people have the same astrology, and all astrologers work ONLY off of the complex birthchart (map of the ecliptic) calculated for the exact moment and place of birth for THAT person.As for how two people interact, it is not the Signs that determine this. It is the distances between any of your 10 "planets" and any of their 10 "planets" ... these distances are called "synastry aspects". Some of them will be harmonious and some will be discordant, and there are always some of each in any synastry comparison.  Often it takes us at least a couple years of dating, or even of living together, before we start to experience the conflict in a relationship.No relationship is perfect because no person is perfect. And no one ever ends up happier (once the honeymoon has died out) than they were BEFORE they met their partner. And if they were not happy then, they will end up even more unhappy after the honeymoon has died out.

    Love is NOT how we feel. Our feelings for the other person are self-centered, and the stronger they are, the more selfish we become and the more that threatens the relationship.   Infatuation, being "in love" is obsessive, exciting, overpowering. And it is not love.

    Love is a choice, and that choice is reflected in how well we can accept their flaws (which you do not yet see, or are not yet affected by) AND by how well we nurture the other even when we are hurt, upset or angry.  It is calm and soothing.

    You do not love him. You only love how YOU feel, and that is what "in love" is all about.

    Unless you have your Sun or Moon or Venus or Mars within 8 degrees of his Ascendant or Descendant (or the other way around), this relationship will die out before 2 years are up. And to find that, you MUST have the birthtimes (accurate to within 4 minutes of the actual moment of birth), the full birthdate, and the city of birth .. for BOTH of you.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Why the disclaimer? Believing a little bit is like being a little pregnant. You either do or don’t. 

    Did they teach anything about fortune telling in the schools you attended? Astrology is magic based. Made up fortune telling. Requiring a no explanation belief we’re all programmed robots. That a calendar date determines everyone’s personality.

    Astronomy is an evidence based science that doesn’t make such claims. It has nothing to do with fortune telling. That is why you’re in the entertainment section here. No science in astrology.

    You don’t need strangers and superstition to tell why you’re attracted. Nor astrology to make excuses for how to feel. Love is chemical.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

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