Will this COVID-19 ever go away?

I fear especially in the US that the coronavirus won't ever go away.

We have an economy in shambles, and our country is going into decline and financial ruin because of all that's happened. Many other countries like Canada, Japan, and Singapore have low COVID-19 rates compared to America. I feel only a miracle cure can stop covid-19, and frankly I don't believe in miracles as they happen once in a million years literally. We now have people within this country fighting against each other and all sorts of protests throughout. USA has very poor leadership and a broken system. I wish sometimes I could just move someplace. Maybe go to Canada if the covid isn't nearly as bad. I wear a mask every time I go someplace and I wash my hands as needed. The US is compared to other countries except China in BIG trouble and it desperately needs help. I think COVID-19 is here to stay unless we find some way to at least treat the virus or find a miracle cure. 

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    There is no cure for ANY virus.  The most anyone's ever been able to do is develop drugs that slow it down, as has been done for HIV.  I have an ex-boyfriend who has this, he needs to take three different medications a day, he's healthy as long as he keeps taking the tablets, but he can't stop because none of them can actually kill it.  Antibiotics only work on bacteria, not viruses.  So it will stay around.

    What we need is a vaccine, which is being worked on, and in the meantime, keep up the lockdown until the virus dies down from being unable to spread.  The USA's problem is its leadership being so poor it is trying to open up again too soon, and people who object to restrictions because "it's going against my freedoms".  Yes, and you also have the freedom to die of coronavirus-induced pneumonia.(That's the normal general effect of it if you get it badly - it bungs up your lungs so you can't breathe.  So hospital treatment amounts to being on a ventilator to force air into you and hoping your own immune system can beat it.  It's not nice.  I had a lung infection last year that left me unable to move without puffing, fortunately it was a bacterial infection so a broad-spectrum antibiotic for a week killed it, and I was out of hospital in a few days.  So I know what it feels like.)Here in the UK, we've finally got to the point where the death rate has reduced to normal, businesses have just been allowed to open again, but still only with keeping 2 metres apart, I have to wear a face mask by law on public transport... basically we're going slowly in case it causes more infections.  We're also working on tracing contacts so anyone who has possibly caught it from being close to someone who has tested positive for it must isolate themselves - that worked really well for South Korea.Yes we like freedom too, but we also understand there are times to curtail it in a good cause.  We'll moan, we're excellent at moaning, but we know all about pulling together to defeat an enemy.  LOL Boris Johnson did a speech on TV back in March in which he called on the spirit of WWII, we worked as one then for victory, we can do it again.  A little melodramatic perhaps but it's the right idea, and he knows what appeals to Brits.  Meanwhile all Trump has done is first say it's fake news, then blame China, then set a terrible example by holding an election rally.

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    don't worry about covid-19 history repeats itself back in 1917 we had a much worse virus and hung around for Tuesday seasons after it went away it caused the world's fastest and most intense recovery it was called The roaring twenties in case you haven't noticed we're in the twenties again history repeats itself relax

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