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Did Princess Diana used to mispronounce her own name?

Because british people, even the posh ones, mispronounce her name 'Diana' as 'Dianer' because they pronounce words ending in 'ah' sounds with 'er' sounds, so I was wondering if Diana even did it, or, did she have the presence of mind to pronounce it correctly despite of being british because it was her own name and probably meant more to her.

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    Diana used to correct people who called her "Lady Di," or "Di," telling them."It's Diana, actually."  She pronounced her name without the -er, as DIE-ann-ah, in the British or American fashion versus the European fashion of Dee-ann-ah.

    There are many dialects of the English language present in the UK and the same complaints about poor pronunciation abounds for all of them.

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    Diana is pronounced with the accent on the first syllable in Britain, second in the US and Australia. I've never heard anyone pronounce Diana with an R at the end. I'm from New England so, I don't hear many Rs even when they are at the end of a word. Or, the middle for that matter. 

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    The Queen pronounced it Di-ana, sounding the -ah correctly, 

    and you don't get much posh-ah than h-ah.

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    Her name she Pronounces it as she Likes

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    Lovely Diana. May she rest in peace. She is missed. As to the pronunciation of her Christian name, she pronounced it Dye-Anne-ah. 

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    No she did not...........

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